How can you be successful in DXN Business at young age?
2020. June 25., 13:39

What is my Story? How I'm working as a young leader? What are my messages?


How can we protect our health from viruses?
2020. March 24., 12:11

I would like to share with you a video that can gives you some informations about how to support your immune system during these days when the Coro...


Opening ceremony of the Nigerian DXN Office in Lagos
2020. January 03., 10:47

This is a short video about the Opening ceremony of the Nigerian DXN office and some positive thought from the African Marketing Director, Mr. Jijith.


DXN Business has arrived in Nigeria
2020. January 03., 10:42

One of the most dynamically developing network marketing company has arrived in Nigeria. Be a part of this success.


Everything you should know about DXN Potenzhi
2019. May 27., 12:43

In this video Jane Yau ganotherapyst talking about our #DXN #Potenzhi that is a great #MalePower Enhancer.


Why Casanova would be the best businessman?
2019. May 02., 10:12

Do you know the story of Casanova? No? Then probably you don’t know how does this story relate to business building. Stay with me and I’ll explain ...


We all sell something
2019. February 26., 15:33

2 weeks ago I made a VLOG post about this topic because I think this is a very interesting subject. Maybe you don’t know but you are also a salesma...


DXN Cosmetics Training in London
2019. February 19., 15:37

DXN has launched 2 months ago the new cosmetics products in Europe that contains DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina. Now you'll have an opportunity to kn...


What are the most important expectations about a business...
2019. February 05., 15:19

2 weeks ago we had a great and very useful business training where I heard this important information. So I thought I would share with you in this ...


If you don’t want to start over don’t give up!
2018. December 12., 14:37

This sentence is a big truth in many areas of life. It is true in sport or in our job. It is true when we learn but it is true in the network marke...


New DXN Cosmetics products!
2018. November 30., 11:36

The new DXN Cosmetics products are coming soon with three new product line. These amazing and exclusive products contain the DXN Ganoderma and Spir...


Can you earn money if somebody drinks a cup of coffee any...
2018. November 13., 11:27

I was always jealous when I saw businesses that work world-wide and the sales of their products reach continous revenue anywhere in the world. I th...


Why I would support you to make a passive income?
2018. November 05., 16:22

It’s strange but I have heard a several time in the last 2-3 months from my friends that they wanted to sit down for a coffee with me because they ...


Why am I doing it?
2018. October 31., 12:04

Last week we got the program of the 2019 Travel Seminar. It was a very big pleause to see that we will travel to two countries I have never been to...


This is the perfect food for athletes!
2018. October 24., 17:47

Many people deal with the topic of the athletes’ nutrition. Moreover today there is a special profession in this area. Nevertheless, there are many...


3 questions about DXN
2018. October 04., 10:04

In this video I would like to share some information. Many people used to ask me that what is my favorite DXN product, why I started this business ...


Show somebody who doesn’t want to earn more money than now
2018. October 01., 15:04

There are many contrast in our world. There are many political contrasts, fans controversy or conflicts between companies. Tha basis of these confl...


Live Healthy, Live Preventively!
2018. September 24., 18:18

The first month of Autumn was about the seminars and the new things. I collected a lot of new information and experience less than in 1 week. I met...


It has never been easier to earn money Online!
2018. September 06., 10:49

Professional and unique system in Europe you can work from home with? Personal and modern website for absolutely free? An online backoffice with ...


Give an impulse to yourself!
2018. August 29., 16:37

The September is always about the new momentum and to get back to work. It’s the same with me, too. But fortunately I don’t have to look for soluti...


CA Factory the Online success factory
2018. August 26., 12:56

A system that can help you to build large network online at your home? A network that bring your continously income? Now it’s available for you. Do...


How did the beach of Balaton became to my office?
2018. August 22., 11:23

Maybe the title of this post is funny and a bit fussy but it surely covers the reality. Why? Because in this summer I could do most of my work from...


The story of the persistent frog
2018. August 07., 14:09

On the first weekend of July, the 6th European Leadership Camp was held. In this year the venue of the event was the amazing X-BIONIC Hotel in Samo...


The biggest secret of MLM
2018. July 17., 12:12

One of the biggest question of the network marketing is that: Is it true that only those business builder earn good money in a network business who...


We represent value!
2018. July 11., 19:19

I often meet with any of my friends or with my acquaitances or with any interested people who used to say that this is just another tipical MLM bus...


How important is your attitude?
2018. July 05., 18:14

In the last weekend I spent 3 great days with my family and with my friends as well. The main event in this weekend was the I. Szarka Zoltán foot t...


Are you alive or survive the summer?
2018. July 02., 12:40

Finally we can officially enjoy the summer. The most people are already planning their holiday. But many people suffer from the problem of having n...


5+1 stupid question I've ever heard
2018. June 25., 12:01

People used to say that stupid question can be answered stupidly. But I think it differently. If somebody ask a stupid question is not because he o...


When can you earn a really good money by DXN?
2018. June 06., 11:41

Many people asked me that what is the level what can make good money in DXN? So I tought that I write down to you in this post that what kind of bu...


How important is stability?
2018. May 28., 11:21

I usually think about that what is more profitable? The short-term thinking or the long-term thinking? Is it better if we plan for a short term and...


New DXN Cosmetics products!

2018. November 30., 11:36

The new DXN Cosmetics products are coming soon with three new product line. These amazing and exclusive products contain the DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina.

Take part in the Training of New Cosmetics Line and join us for the launch of these great new products! Check available dates in your country

December 9th Budapest - Hungary
December 11th Warsaw - Poland
December 14th Athens - Greece
December 15th Vimercate - Italy
December 16th Madrid - Spain



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