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When can you earn a really good money by DXN?

2018. June 06., 11:41

Many people asked me that what is the level what can make good money in DXN? So I tought that I write down to you in this post that what kind of business level are there in DXN. So with this post I can explain that when can you earn a good money with DXN.

But it is very important that the income depends on the circulation. So you can gain a big income as a Star Agent if there is a big and active network under yourself but it could happen that you can’t earn good money in higher business level if your network isn’t active enough. 

So these are the business levels of DXN:

Business levels Conditions/What you should know Badges
Distributor This is the first level in DXN. You can be Distributor if you choose a Sponsor and register. If you do it you can get the DXN products 25% cheaper.  
Star Agent (SA) Achieves accumulated Group Sales of 4,500PV. (PV=The value of each product is expressed in Points Value).
Star Ruby (SR) Sponsors 3 First Generation Star Agents (SA).
Star Diamond (SD) With 6 First Generation Star Agents (SA) & qualifies for 37% Star Group Bonus. This is the business level where you can earn hundreds of euro with a stable circulation. This the the level when the most business builder became full committed to the company and to the products.
Executive Star Diamond (ESD) Star Diamond who sponsors 1 Star Diamonds.
Senior Star Diamond (SSD) Star Diamond who sponsors 2 Star Diamonds.
Executive Senior Star Diamond (ESSD) Star Diamond who sponsors 3 Star Diamonds.
Double Diamond (DD) Star Diamond who sponsors 4 Star Diamonds.
Executive Double Diamond (EDD) Star Diamond who sponsors 5 Star Diamonds.
Triple Diamond (TD) Star Diamond who sponsors 6 Star Diamonds.
Executive Triple Diamond (ETD) Star Diamond who sponsors 7 Star Diamonds.
Gold Diamond (GD) Star Diamond who sponsors 8 Star Diamonds.
Executive Gold Diamond (EGD) Star Diamond who sponsors 9 Star Diamonds.
Crown Diamond (CD) Star Diamond who sponsors 10 Star Diamonds.
Executive Crown Diamond (ECD) Star Diamond who sponsors 11 Star Diamonds.
Senior Crown Diamond (SCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 12 Star Diamonds.
Executive Senior Crown Diamond (ESCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 13 Star Diamonds.
Double Crown Diamond (DCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 14 Star Diamonds.
Executive Double Crown Diamond (EDCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 15 Star Diamonds.
Triple Crown Diamond (TCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 16 Star Diamonds.
Executive Triple Crown Diamond (ETCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 17 Star Diamonds.
Gold Crown Diamond (GCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 18 Star Diamonds.
Executive Gold Crown Diamond (EGCD) Star Diamond who sponsors 19 Star Diamonds.
Crown Ambassador (CA) Star Diamond who sponsors 20 Star Diamonds. This is the highest business level of DXN. In this level you can earn tens of thousands of euros but in this level the limit is the sky.


The Crown Ambassador level is the biggest goal and the biggest motivation for me in every single morning and every single evening. But when I wrote this post I realized again that I’m still just in the beginning of my „journey”. There are so many work in front of me but I know that one day I will reach the Crown Ambassador level. This is a fantastic journey and it is worth to „buy a ticket” for it.



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